Scholarship Gala Live Auction provides Trophy Hunts and Lifetime Memories

Jan 25 2016

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A hunt purchased in the live auction at the Scholarship Gala never comes with the guarantee of a trophy wall hanging, but nearly every experience is full of memory-making events and good times.

A couple high bidders from the 2015 live auction at the Gala can offer first-hand testimonials.

Brad Bradford (R.K. Hall) is still offering superlatives to describe his hunt for mule deer on Stanley Jobe's ranch near the Apache Mountains, and AGC of Texas President-Elect Seth Schulgen (Williams Brothers Construction) recently returned from Spring Mountain Ranch in the Davis Mountains with an impressive Aoudad ram sheep worthy for any wall display.

"It was superb. The property is beautiful, and the accommodations are top-notch," says Brad of the hunt that landed him a majestic, 10-point mule deer. "It was one of my top-notch hunts that I have experienced, and I've hunted in nine states and all over Texas. I most definitely would want another opportunity."


Brad Bradford, R.K. Hall Construction

Robert Hall earned the hunt on the Jobe Ranch by virtue of his high bid and turned the prize over to the company's quality control manager.

Auctions continue to be a major revenue source for AGC's Scholarship Program, which provides $5,000 per semester in financial help for employees and/or dependents of member companies. Slightly more than $747,000 was raised last year for AGC scholarships.

The deadline for the next round of AGC scholarship applications 

is Friday, March 18. SAVE THE DATE:  The Sixth Annual Scholarship Gala is scheduled for October 5, 2016 at the Four Seasons, Austin.

The large mule deer that Brad Bradford took from the Jobe ranch is at the taxidermist. Eventually, Brad will mount the deer in the den of the family home in Winnsboro. He continues to rave about the hospitality shown on the Jobe ranch. Stanley's son, Brooks, served as host.

"He was very personable, very professional. It was a great hunt. We saw game the whole time," Brad said.

In a recent note to Stanley Jobe, Brad said: "Hunting and enjoying the outdoors is about creating memories, and I am truly thankful that you allowed me the privilege to hunt your property and share this experience with your son and his family. You have a top notch operation."

AGC Executive Vice President Tom Johnson and his wife, Kathy, also have a reputation for hosting extraordinary hunts on their Spring Mountain Ranch in the Davis Mountains, where Seth Schulgen and AGC of Texas President Jeff Smith hunted in mid-January.

AGC Executive Vice President Tom Johnson and his wife, Kathy, also have a reputation for hosting extraordinary hunts on their Spring Mountain Ranch in the Davis Mountains, where Seth Schulgen and AGC of Texas President


Jeff Smith, Smith & Company (Left) and 

Seth Schulgen, Williams Bros.

Jeff Smith hunted in mid-January. 

He can't wait to return for what he characterizes as "the most exhilarating hunt of my life."

"A true west Texas ranch in the picturesque Davis mountains with breath-taking views, warm hospitality, wonderful accommodations, entertaining stories that you don't ever want to end, and hardy wildlife that eat bullets for lunch!" he said of his recent hunt. "Hunt of a lifetime. Only hunt I have ever been on where I actually ran out of bullets.

"Nowhere else can you find big mule deer, beautiful west Texas Mountains, bullet-dodging Aoudad, treasure hunting, hotdogs on the mountain, and fascinating stories but on Spring Mountain Ranch with Mr. Tom Johnson," Seth said of the experience.

Chuckling, the Williams Brothers vice president said, "When Tom says "SHOOT!!!" don't stop till you run out of bullets. If you like an adrenaline rush, there's no better hunt than with Tom Johnson on the Spring Mountain Ranch."

The curl on Seth's Aoudad ram measured an impressive 31 inches. The sheep are not easy to hunt. They typically stay about 500 yards away from humans and usually rely on a look-out for protection, said Tom Johnson. The Aoudad that Schulgen shot from nearly 500 yards weighed between 350 and 400 pounds, Mr. Johnson estimated: "It's very, very difficult to get a real trophy like Seth did. It took both Seth and his co-hunter, Jeff Smith, to take the animal down."

Schulgen serves as chair of the AGC of Texas Scholarship Funding Task Force and expresses his gratitude to Tom Johnson and others who offer hunts on their respective ranches to support the AGC Scholarship Program.

TEEX Work Zone Traffic Control for Contractor's Responsible Person

Jan 25 2016

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"Work Zone Traffic Control for Contractor's Responsible Person" meets TxDOT's 2014 Special Provision 007-001 requirements for the training required for the "Contractor Responsible Person and Alternate."

Below is a working list of classes coming up around the state.  Please note that some classes are still being arranged, also please note that there is a MAX set on the number of attendees that varies by location.  

Classes will be held from 8am-5pm.  

Registration link for TEEX (NOT ALL CLASSES ARE LISTED YET).

HOUSTON- February 22-23, Williams Bros. Construction facilities (1550 Holmes Road, Houston, 77045), 28 attendees max

EL PASOMarch 3-4- Sunland Park Racetrack & Casino (1200 Futurity Dr, Sunland Park, NM 88063), 40 attendees max

ABILENEMarch 11-12- TxDOT Abilene, 4250 N. Clack, Abilene, TX 79601, 40 attendees max

SAN ANTONIO- April 18-19- The Levy Company facilities, 16294 I-35, Selma, TX 78154, 40 attendees max

ODESSA- TBD, TBD 40 attendees max

Scholarship Applications Now Open!

Jan 19 2016

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The AGC of Texas Scholarship Committee is now accepting applications for its 2016 chapter scholarship program.  This year the Scholarship Committee would like to emphasize the importance of vocational education within the industry.  In past years, vocational opportunities have been underutilized.  We need your help in supporting vocational education for a more well-rounded scholarship program.  All members are encouraged to distribute the application to their employees for consideration by eligible applicants.  In addition, we urge you to promote the vocational scholarship program within your workforces and help identify potential candidates.  Applications are due by Friday, March 18, 2016.   Only COMPLETE applications will be considered.  Click HERE for the 2016 cover letter and application.  If there are any questions, please contact Danielle at the chapter office in Austin at 512.478.4691 or at

2016 AGC of Texas Management Conference- Santa Barbara, CA

Jan 15 2016

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2016 AGC of Texas Management Conference ~ Four Seasons Biltmore Hotel ~ Santa Barbara, CA

Past President Doug Walterscheid chose the Four Seasons Biltmore Hotel in Santa Barbara, California as the venue for the 2016 AGC of Texas Management Conference.  President Jeff Smith and his wife Rhondi invite you and your family to scenic California, June 14-18.  Click HERE for the conference brochure.  Click HERE for the registration packet.  If you have any questions or need assistance please contact Jennifer Newton at 512.478.4691 or  We hope you join us this summer!


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